Heaven's Angelic Choir!

Listen to Angels singing praises to Jesus in a Kansas City church, as incredulous as it may seem! Sceptics can sneer and say it's a scam, but whether this is real or not we know that there is nothing whatsoever too hard for God to do, and just as the Shepherds heard His Angels sing at the birth of Jesus, it seems very likely that He permits us to hear them just before Jesus comes back for us!

The Kansas City church pastor shares this music which appeared on a tape of a choir practice. The name of the narrator is Claude C. Hargis, a Messianic Jew who is now Home with the Lord. Listen to his excited explanation of the music which starts 2/3rds down the tape ...

Click here to watch this video and listen to this glorious song and music!

Halleluyah, Halleluyah!
Halleluyah, Halleluyah!
Halleluyah, Halleluyah!
Halleluyah, Halleluyah!

Halleluyahs are ringing all across the land,
everybody's singing at the Lord's command.
All the Saints and the Angels up in glory
wait to hear the news of Jesus and His children
that they're coming soon!

Halleluyah, Halleluyah!
Halleluyah, Halleluyah!
Halleluyah, Halleluyah!
Halleluyah, Halleluyah!

This is picture of an Angel singing which was caught on the tape.

"Praise the LORD" translated means "Halleluyah" or "Joyful praises to Yahweh."

According to the Talmud, Halleluyah is the most sublime expression of God's praise. It combines in one word both praise (hallelu) and God's Name (Yah).

In the Old Testament, God's Name is Yahweh, and it is also Jesus' Name, Yahshua, in the New Testament. The word Alleluia appears in the book of Revelation 19:1-6, which literally means "praise YAH," or "joyful praises to Yahweh the LORD."

Psalm 68:4 says, "Sing unto God, sing praises to His Name! Extol Him that rides on the Heavens by His Name YAH, and rejoice before Him!" Halleluyah!

Read here about this scientific account of the Sun's atmosphere singing Heavenly Music! Amazingly, astrophysicists' now have the knowledge to discover their sounds!

Angels do not have wings and are seen like shards of light. Usually they are unseen. This is not surprising, because angels are spirit beings without physical bodies. The Bible says indicates that they constantly carry out God's bidding in caring for people, yet most people are not aware of ever seeing an angel.

When angels do appear, most often they take on familiar human form in order to do their work without frightening us. The Bible does not explain how spirit beings can assume bodies, it simply teaches that they do and that we do not recognize them as Angels because they look like ordinary people.

The angels who appeared to Abraham and Lot in the book of Genesis looked like and were dressed as ordinary people. How often do angels come in human form? Probably more often than we realize. "Do not forget to entertain strangers," Hebrews 13:2 admonishes us, "for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it." The passage suggests that at any time it is possible that we may have encountered Angels without our being conscious of their supernatural nature, because they appear as ordinary human beings.. Being inconspicuous is often a part of the angel's ministry.

Sometimes angels appear in white. Examples are John 20:12 and Acts 1:10. But wings are never mentioned. There is one passage which describes the angel in “swift flight” (Daniel 9:21), but again no wings are mentioned. And there is no reason to think that a spirit being would need wings to fly.

There are two angel-like creatures that do have wings, and this may be the origin of the idea that angels have wings. Cherubim (Exodus 25:20; Ezekiel 10) and Seraphim (Isaiah 6) are both described as having wings. However, these are not Angels. Cherubim are living creatures that act as guards to God’s dwelling place. Apart from Genesis 3:24, the other references to Cherubim are all to images or visions. Seraphim means “flaming creatures” and are only mentioned in Isaiah 6 — a vision of Isaiah about God’s dwelling place.

God is omnipresent, and He and His Angels are everywhere at once in all creation, so is it any wonder that, just as the Angels sang to the shepherds from the sky long ago at His Birth, that their voices are ringing all over the heavens now "declaring the glory of God" (Psalm 19:1), and singing praises to Jesus on earth to His Children now just before He returns?

It is said that music is the speech of Angels; certainly nothing else is so divine that brings humans so close and near to God's side!

~~~ A friend wrote ~~~

I received a heart-stopping thrill as I was listening to this music and praising the Lord with the Angels the first time I heard this tape.

I was feeling like I was in Heaven with them, when suddenly a lovely old Christmas card, with the Name of Jesus on it, that I've kept on top of my computer for years, came floating down and landed on my lap. It had never once happened before.

There was no breeze, nor did I have on a fan. So I believe the only explanation is that an Angel flicked it down to alert me that I was not alone. I felt like I was on holy ground, with their presence all around me.

Every time I listen to this glorious music, goose bumps go up and down my spine, and I praise the Lord again for so lovingly reminding me that He and His Angels are always with us who love Him, and He loves to hear our praises, and that He is coming for us very soon, just as the Angels so gloriously sing!

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